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Welcome to the Hetman Studios Accelerator

Unlocking the Potential of Ukraine's Tech Landscape

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What are you?

At Hetman Studios, we are a team of experienced professionals with deep expertise in the fields of FinTech and PropTech. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and network, we are committed to nurturing early-stage startups in Ukraine's thriving tech landscape and connecting them to advisors, capital, partners & clients. 


We are a team with proven expertise in FinTech and PropTech, coming from the USA, Canada, and Ukraine. Leveraging our knowledge and network, we are helping early-stage startups by connecting them to advisors, investors, partners, and clients. 

Our goal is to use our experience of building our own tech companies and investing in others' ventures to help entrepreneurs and their teams get a clear vision, set up the right processes, validate ideas, and get connected to the people and capital.

We are based in

• New York City    • Montreal    • Lviv    • Kyiv

Our rich networks in these Financial, Technological, Political, and Cultural points of the world will help us support and further the mission of Hetman Studios.

Advisors and Mentors


Chris Rusyniak

Tech leader and founder of multiple ventures (including Hetman Studios) with expertise spanning FinTech, Blockchain, Lending, and PropTech. Chris has a background as a software engineer spanning startups and alternative asset managers such as KKR, Carval Investors, and State Street Corporation.

Want to join?

Leave us a message with short description of your expertise and we’ll reach you out

Our Network

Our founders and advisors are entrepreneurs who have significant stakes in several US, Canadian, and Ukrainian firms across a wide breadth of industries including crypto, lending, consulting, medical, bookkeeping and business services, real estate, food & beverage, and supply chain. We will leverage those firms to support and develop our startups.



We want to support Ukrainian founders and the local tech ecosystem. For that matter, we are seeking out companies founded by Ukrainians, recognizing their strong tech background, unique insights into the local market, and potential to drive innovations. 


We prioritize startups that have a presence in Ukraine, with the major percentage of employees based in the country. This approach allows us to contribute to job creation, talent development, and the overall growth of Ukraine's tech sector.

Business Presentation


While Hetman Studios has a primary focus on FinTech and PropTech, we keep our eyes wide open and consider innovative startups across various verticals within these niches. Additionally, we extend our investment consideration to other promising sectors, including Government, Cybersecurity, and MilTech.


Acceleration Program

Our acceleration program isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our support to meet the needs of each venture.

And still, we want to give you some ideas about how we can help:

01 Research and Testing: 

Providing the guidance and resources needed to conduct field research and hypothesis testing.

02 Market Entry:

Helping introduce your product to the right market, ensuring maximum impact and visibility.

03 Management Advisory: 

Offering strategic guidance and management support to help you with the right direction from the start.

04 Tech Consulting: 

Providing specific tech expertise especially when it comes to complex distributed systems and organizational structures. 

05 Investor Connections:

Using our expert and investment networks, we help you connect with the people and capital you need.

06 Investment Readiness:

We assist you in getting your startup investor-ready, ensuring you have everything you need to present your best self.

No surprise, that every startup's financial situation is different. That's why we are flexible about conditions:

whether it's a commission-based model or equity arrangements, we'll find the right fit for your startup!

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Join Us

We invite founders, investors, and advisors to join us on this journey.
Let's combine our skills to do something fun, good, and impactful - all that can go together!
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